Returning to Cairo

I am back in Cairo – according to the visa in my passport for the 7th time.

I had times where I was not very happy to be here…last year the situation was very challenging from a work perspective and it was more a must. But now, almost 18 months later I enjoy to come here.

Cairo is chaos, dust, political and economical instability and unfortunately also unstable in terms of security at times. To me it has also become a place where I meet amazing colleagues and made new friends. 

To me, Egyptians are as emotional as south Europeans 🙂 compared to them I am from an island without emotions. Puh, that has given me some grey hairs…I was in some discussions sitting there thinking WTF just happend???? 

At the same time they are extremely welcoming and caring. We somehow got in a good groove together. 

I never thought I would say this – but I even got used to the security measures I have to stick to…they are anyway light compared to some other countries in this part of the world. It’s still such a different wold to me. I think I still do not fully understand what’s going on. It will probably take me a much longer time to really understand the culture in this part of the world.

We will see … I just had a wonderful Japanese dinner and will soon head to bed.

They are playing a piano version of Hotel California 🙂 …such a lovely place…


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