Learning Curve

We HR people like to talk about THE LEARNING CURVE 🙂

What we mean is, how fast can you swim in cold water to make sure you keep warm ? Ok ok – that’s not all we mean, but also. We of course also want to see HOW you adapt to new challenges. How long does it take you to adapt to a new environment and “manage” the new situation? Do you have a “portfolio” of leadership capabilities to cope with the new situation?

What I wonder is, why do we often try to be strong and get it done on our own ? What do we try to prove and what do I try to evaluate as an HR expert? Looking into the future, collaboration and agility (sorry, not a fan of the word but it somehow nails it…) will be key I believe and will be much about WE instead of ME.

I don’t know, I am having a week full with ???? about concepts of people development. 

Mentoring, Coaching and having people in my life I can fully trust has  worked for me over the last 10 years and I truly believe, I would not be where and who I am without these people in my life. Knowing that they “can see me” and genuinely want the best for me has been extremely (extremst for my Swiss friends 😉 ) powerful for me.

HR quo vadis? I do not know yet, but I know I will explore new paths and curve my learning 😉


2 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. Collaboration and WE has something to do with accepting and appreciation differences, also when it comes to leadership. Similar to the fact that cannot lead different people all in the same way also different situations and environments require different types/ styles of leadership. Frontline requires different characters compared to back office. Bad ass vs. diplomat. All have their pitch and are needed at points in time.
    However: respect, integrity, trust, determination to “win” and a certain resilience are required to move people ahead in every environment, even in soccer 😉 (Schweinsteiger)

    1. Love your view on it and YES accepting and appreciating differences is required to lead people. Picking the right leadership style for the person and situation is an art I find, not mastered by all. Situational leadership which closely looks at the difference in the frame(s) of reference is what is needed to lead this way I believe.
      Love the connection to Schweinsteiger and soccer Thomas – maybe I should watch more soccer or listen to those who play it 😉

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