For the first time since a long time I bought myself some Lillies.

Every evening when income home, their scent greets me and there will be another bloom opens up to their full potential.

The full unfolding of a bloom only lasts shortly, the flower shows off all the beauty, provides for bees some pollen and for human eyes the most beautiful combinations of color and structure. Shortly after, the bloom will dry up, leaves will fall down and another bloom is yet to show their full potential.

How is it with us humans? In HR we always try to develop people to reach their full potential. But what comes after this? What drives us to believe, that this is the ultimate goal for an employee? I start wondering about these ideas and what it does to people. Is this really still the right concept we follow? We as experts in HR but also we as human beings? I honestly think not. 

More thinking to be done, but there is a new and mich more important concept rising I believe: where and when can you be truly you? Where and when are you in sync with yourself and in a state of flow?

Flow is an old concept by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi but somehow our performance driven world has made “reaching full potential” to reach “high performance” and “high profit” the ultimate goal. 

More thinking to be done on my side, more reflection to be done and a lot of work for me as an HR expert to shift the needle.


3 thoughts on “Lilies

  1. Sitting in front of the cafeteria in Erlangen, eating a sandwich, drinking coffee and reading your blog post. Thank you for the inspiration for my day. I have always valued you for having these thoughts, thinking not only outside the box but about the box itself.

    About the lillies: I feel like you are truly blooming exactly when sharing your thoughts like that. You have an outstanding ability to make other people think and to care.

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