One week later

I am in Amstersdam for the last day. Better around the airport. One week of HR exchange and M&A training.

It was hard to shift from the experience in SL to this. As much as I enjoy my work and the exchange with colleagues – I needed some days to get back into it.

I love the fact, that I did it and I am a bit more at peace again. I was questioning myself a lot if that is enough or what else I can do? This is part of my learning about my own boundaries and it is happing right here and now: I do what I can and I take care of myself to do so

Next year will be another great opportunity for me to be a DROP. Along the way I will focus on collecting donations to come with full hands to SL and hand them over to the kids and families.

Both weeks together make me and my life – thankful to be able to have both. 

Off to Dubai for a week now … March was a month of weeks for me…1 week Germany, 1 week SL, 1 week Amsterdam and 1 week Dubai. 

Different smells, colors, temperatures, focus topics and people. Let’s go home for a week now to let it all sink in….


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