Day 6 – Around Chillaw / Fisher village

I am sad right now…these people have nothing, no fresh water, not much food, no education. The saw comes closer and closer from one side…the river from the other. The floodings get worse and I wonder how much longer they will be able to stay here. 

Some families have up to 12 children, fathers drink, abuse their daughters…more children, more poverty. 

We will only be able to do little but maybe they will remember that day where the white people came with games, gifts and medicine.

DROPS has been here 2 years ago and things got worse since then. 

We had to cross 2 rivers and walk parts to get here. Father Jude has taken 2 kids from here with him to get them educated at school, I hope this will give these children the chance to a different life. 

I just had a women sitting with me speaking some English – she went to school in Colombo, got married here and that’s her life now.

The 55 year old look like 70…most men smell from the Alkohol they consume. But I even understand that to some extend….there is very little to do, not much joy – only work.

I wrote the above when we were in the village. Now, some hours later and one more village later I feel a bit better. Slowly I start to believe that we can make a difference – a DROP at least …still, today I am down. This was the last day for me on this mission – I am heading to Colombo tomorrow for one night before I go back to Dubai.

I believe this trip will stay with me for a long time and I am planning to come back next year to support DROPS again. 



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