Day 4 – Colombo

The morning was free for us, so I did what I always do when Inam in Colombo…I went to the Galle Face Hotel for a Coffee to get my top up of the view. 

So many good memories with this place – lovely sunset drinks with my husbi and parents 🙂

Back in the hostel, more stuff for the kids to be loaded in the DROPS mobil – no idea how they fit all of this in !!

Our location for today was the warehouse project. A Buddhist monk and his community collect donations to get the kids off the street and there minds of their live at home. Home is where the slums are…parents are often not at all around or drunk or partly in prison.

They all had their best cloths on to come today. The kids were often very, very thin and lacked most likely vitamins. Most of them do not drink enough and not clean water.

We always take time to play and paint with the kids, do educations and medical check ups but today we also donated lunch for them.

That’s us this year.

The great thing is that all donations go directly to the people and none into admin stuff. We all pay for our own flights, if we stay on a level above hostel we pay and all people supporting the organization with admin stuff somit for free. I am becoming a fan of this 🙂

We all got a blessing before we left – until tomorrow.


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