Day 1 of a very special trip

I am back in Sri Lanka – first time since a long time not for kite surfing. Arrival felt the same 🙂

Oh the smells, the humidity, all these people running around and waiting for family members to pick them up. Backpackers, high end travelers and home comers all in one place.

Hari Hari with a slight head wig everywhere. Bus drivers that go far too far and Tuk Tuks taking over from all sides. 

Deep breath … I am back on my island.

This time to support a volunteer network for medical treatment of children and families. For one week, my job will be to treat children – I have a lot of respect and I am not sure if I will be really able to do so…

Just arrived at our first hotel. Lovely moldy smell in the Rooms from the humidity 🙂 Welcome to Sri Lanka!!

P.S.: you can follow DROPS on Twitter and Facebook and online

Founder Michael and our Milka Mobil for this week 


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