We are back since three weeks and I really like to be back.
Was in London two weeks ago for work and got really lucky with the weather. It was London at its best and we finished with an amazing dinner cruise!



Think I have to go back soon and spend a weekend.

I miss kitesurfing and the crowd. Also miss my godchild at times 🙂 (not the repeating everything 1000 times part…)
I miss the wind in my hair and the voice of the sea.
Here in Morgarten its cowbells – which I also love.
Cowbells are the sign for countryside for me and I do like the countryside!

We spend the weekend on our balkony, in the hammock and we tried SUP. I managed to keep the balance but I know someone else who took a couple of swims …. thank god we have wetsuits. The lake aegeri is not really up to Sri Lankan water temperature.
But I have to say – I liked it!
I think SUP may become our water activity for our houselake. Not exactly kitesurfing, but we are on the water and we can actually talk to each other. Does not really work with kitesurfing if you do not want to risk tangling of the kites, the whole release and rescue thing and spend 20min sorting your line spaghetti.
So talking is for before and after kitesurfing but works very well with SUP.
Now the question is: What to buy?
There are 1000 different models and I have no idea what to get. Besides its pricy…I think in Switzerland everything costs 1000 CHF.

I started the blog above 2 weeks ago 🙂
By now we got our SUPs 🙂 just today we went to try different ones and got 2. Was not easy to stay in the 1000CHF range..

We already had a great afternoon on the lake annnnndddd found out that they do not fit anywhere in our flat…haha..we had to deflate them to store them and will have to come up with a new plan.

I have one more week of crazyness at work – July will be travel free 🙂 and SUP heavy. Love the perspective!!

Happy weekend!


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